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Bathrooms and Toilet facilities are the most expensive part of a renovation per square metre than any other part of a house or commercial premises. This is because all the trades are required to be hired to complete this type of renovation and this can be very costly and difficult to co-ordinate so the project is finished in a timely manner.

Today there are many options available to restore existing bathroom fixtures and fittings instead of replacing them with new items. Of course you can replace them with new items and there are a plethora of suppliers in the market you can choose from.
However have you thought about keeping them and using them again? On close inspection you may find that the quality of these items is quite good and the only reason you are considering replacing them is because the colours are dated and just don't look good anymore.

Bathtubs, basins, shower bases, wall tiles, vanity benchtops, cubicle partitioning, and outlets can all be easily restored to new without the hassle and expense of replacing.
This is done by applying a new enamel coating over the existing surface and can be done in any decorator you like some companies can even match to an existing colour scheme if required.

This is a great option for Office Buildings that require the male and female toilets to be upgraded.
The cost and time savings are considerable in doing this type of makeover as opposed to a 'rip out and replace' renovation.

There is no need to disconnect plumbing, remove tiling, or any of the mess and inconvenience involved in removing and replacing toilets, urinals, shower bases, wall tiles and basins.
And best of all, you don't need to find a plumber, tiler, painter, carpenter, electrician as all the trades are involved in a 'rip out and replace' renovation.

The work is done quickly and the inconvenience to the Office workers that use the facilities is kept to a minimum.

Quite often the fixtures and fittings in these building are of high quality and it is simply the colour scheme of the bathroom and toilets that make them look dated.
This option saves costly removal of bathroom fixtures and fittings, rubbish removal and disposal, re-plumbing and then retiling.

And it good for the environment too as all these items usually end up in our landfill. This way they are all given a second lease of life for at least another 15 to 20 years.

When choosing the company to do this work for you, make sure that the enamel they use to resurface bathroom sanitary ware is epoxy based and not a polyurethane (which contains dangerous isocyanates).
Epoxy coatings are much safer to use and are usually tougher and long lasting.

And an added benefit is that you can always change the colour again if in a few years time trends change and you are looking for an update.
It is an easy job to recoat the surface again in a modern decorator colour of your choice and the work is done in half the time of the original job.


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Posted on 19 February 2018
Upcycle your bathroom:
Renovating alternatives for the environmentally conscious bathroom renovator.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics*, Australia has a strong dependence on landfill as a form of waste management. The majority of waste that is not recycled or re-used in Australia is disposed of in the nation's landfills.

Landfills can impact on air, water and land quality. Landfill gas, mainly methane, is produced by decomposing organic waste which contributes to global warming when released to the air.

Water moving from, or through, landfill waste forms leachate which has the potential to contaminate nearby surface and ground water. Potentially hazardous substances can also migrate through the surrounding soil via leachate or landfill gas.

Between 2001 and 2007, the volume of waste deposited to landfill increased by 12%. In 2001, 19.0 million tonnes of waste were disposed to landfill, and by 2007 this had grown to more than 21.3 million tonnes.

Other indicators show that during 200607, nearly half (48%) of all waste was disposed to landfill. Approximately 60% of municipal waste, 44% of commercial and industrial waste, and 42% of construction and demolition waste went into landfill in 200607 (EPHC 2009).

Increases in Australia's population and per capita income over the period are likely to have contributed to the rise in waste production. This is due to the link between waste production and economic growth, whereby more waste is produced through the increased production and purchasing of goods and services.

In 2007-08, there were 31.7 million new televisions, computers and computer products sold in Australia. A further 16.8 million units reached the end of their life that year, and of these, 84% were disposed to landfill (Hyder Consulting and PricewaterhouseCoopers 2009).

Renovating your bathroom is not only an incredibly expensive room to renovate in any given property it also involves an incredible amount of waste adding to our landfills every year.

Quite often the fixtures and fittings in older bathrooms are of high quality but often not reused because of their outdated color schemes.  

Bathroom re-enameling will not only save you a significant amount of time and money it is also a safe, environmentally friendly way to upcycle your bathroom, it has the potential to add another 15 to 20 years of life in your bathroom.

There are a range of companies out there that can do this work for you, however when choosing who to use will do make sure that the enamel they use to resurface bathroom sanitary ware is epoxy based and not a polyurethane (which contains dangerous isocyanates). Epoxy coatings are much safer to use and are usually tougher and long lasting.

And an added benefit is that you can always change the colour again in a few years time if trends change and you are looking for an update. It is an easy job to recoat the surface again in a modern decorator colour of your choice.

So rather than rip your bathroom out and add your perfect fixtures to Australia's landfill, consider bathroom re-enamelling. You'll be surprised with the amount of time, money and waste you will save and have peace of mind knowing that not only have you done your part for our increasing landfill problem but your new bathroom comes with a written guarantee.

*Source : Australian Bureau of Statistics


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8 Bathroom Renovation Tips & Ideas

Posted by BathroomWerx on 28 January 2018
8 Bathroom Renovation Tips & Ideas

Eight top bathroom renovation tips from 33 Years in Bathrooms 

  1. Determine what will be your must-haves and "lux"-haves.  The essentials such as a good-sized bath and extensive storage, need to be accounted for in the budget, while more luxurious items (such as a rainshower), should only be considered when the final costings are completed.

  2. Less is more a simple, pristine, uncluttered layout utilising clever storage will make your bathroom appear more spacious and engaging. Make the most of every space by adding recessed niches (great to store things) and mirror-fronted wall cabinets. Mirrors make rooms look bigger.

  3. When choosing a building team, the most affordable isn't always the best. Workmanship, availability, technical skills, and time management are the main priorities when making up your mind.  Asking for the builder's references should be done.

  4. To make your bathroom feel more spacious, a clear shower screen is a winner.  It's also worth considering a frameless shower screen. In a compact ensuite, a wall-mounted basin instead of a vanity will save a lot of room. And a mirror-fronted cabinet above the basin is perfect for keeping toiletries.

  5. Traditional shower drains have changed dramatically in recent times.  Once a simple hole in the middle of the shower area, the latest stainless-steel floor grates are very effective at draining away the water flow.  Positioned in the centre of the shower recess or down one end, these grates generally run the full width of the shower stall.  A plumber and tiler are required for installation and the floor has to be sloped towards the grate.  Available in various widths, a contemporary shower grate adds an architectural edge at a reasonable price.

  6. In a small bathroom, a hinged door can be a real space invader. For the actual renovation, consider a sliding door that's hidden in an in-wall cavity, creating a clean, designer look.

  7. To prevent mould build-up, air ventilation is key. To ensure that your new bathroom has adequate ventilation, make sure windows can cross-ventilate and install an exhaust fan.  The exhaust fan needs to vent the moist air to the exterior of your home.

  8. After selecting all the bathware items, make sure to check that they will be available when you require them during bathroom renovations

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Do I need to certify my new bathroom?

Posted by BathroomWerx on 25 October 2017
Do I need to certify my new bathroom?

Is bathroom certification required?

The answer is yes and no.

If you are renovating your bathroom like for like, keeping the exact same functionality and design in your bathroom by simply updating tiles and fittings, then you do not require certification.

However if you are changing anything structural, by removing a wall, cupboard, or modifying any plumbing, then you will need Certification.

This includes things like expanding the bathroom, changing windows, removing a bath or hand basin, and tampering with the waterproofing.

Here is what's involved in certification.

Bathroom certification costs vary and depend on whether you need an Engineer, Certifier or both. The approximate costs are $1000 to $2500.

Why is it important to get bathrooms certified?

To protect you for the future.

When you decide to sell your home, prospective buyers and investors will always try to negotiate a lower price than advertised. If you have had work completed on your home - your most valuable asset - and it has not been certified, potential buyers will possibly be scared away and will demand lower asking price.

If a tradesperson or builder tells you do not need certification or they will not do it and you are changing the design from the original plans, please get a second opinion for your own protection.

Ask builders and tradesmen if you can check previous work completed and ask for references.

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Bathroom Werx Available in Regional Cities

Posted by BathroomWerx on 27 July 2017
Bathroom Werx Available in Regional Cities

Bathroom Werx recently expanded it's operations from major cities, and now operates in regional cities across Australia.

On top of offering the following services:

You can now take advantage of Bathroom Werx cutting edge technology and professionalism in a regional city near you. Whether you have a minor chip which needs repairing, or you require a complete bathroom resurfacing or re-tiling of your bathroom, rest assured that BathroomWerx will make you bathroom or bath tub look like new again no matter where you are located.

All of our technicians are professionally trained and offer 7 years guarantee on all work. Best of all all of our materials are made in Australia!

Bathroom Werx is available in following areas :


West Australia

South Australia

New South Wales

For more information call Bathroom Werx on 1800 644 171 and request your FREE Information Package which shows you how you can save thousands of dollars on your bathroom renovation.

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