Bathroom Tile Re-enameling

The traditional way of changing bathroom wall tiles means you could spend thousands of dollars plus endure the inconvenience of not being able to use your bathroom for several days, even weeks!

Bathroom Werx offers a cost-effective alternative for changing the color scheme of the existing wall tiles in your bathroom.

By applying the WERX ENAMEL coating over the existing wall tiles, Bathroom Werx can simply change the color of the wall tiles to any decorator color that you like!

There is no expensive removal or mess, and you can choose a color to match the other fittings in your bathroom if you like.

When we apply the WERX Enamel over your existing wall tiles, we carry out the following work:

  • Remove any mold or mildew build up in the bathroom grout and tiles
  • Repair all chips and cracks in the bathroom tiles
  • Remove all bathroom silicon
  • Apply new bathroom grout where necessary
  • Chemically prepare the bathroom surfaces for the new WERX Enamel
  • Apply the WERX ENAMEL over the existing bathroom wall tiles.

Get rid of mold or mildew once and for all because the WERX ENAMEL surface won't let mould grow back.

Your bathroom tiles will be easy to clean with a quick wipe over so that they always look new.

And just imagine, no more harsh scrubbing and cleaning! And bathroom tiles that look brand new again!

Before Tile Resurfacing After Tile Resurfacing
Before Tile Resurfacing After Tile Resurfacing


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