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Cast Iron Bathtubs on Feet

Relax in a by-gone era with one of our fully restored cast iron bathtubs on feet!

The "Ball & Claw" bathtub has become a classic showpiece of Australian home history. And whether your bathroom is traditional, colonial or breathtakingly modern, a freestanding cast iron bathtub on feet will add elegance and style to your bathroom.

You may also wish to contrast your bathtub with a choice of polished brass, gold or chrome plated feet.

Your free-standing cast iron bathtub becomes an individual feature when its colour complements your bathroom décor. That is why we restore each bathtub specifically for you which means you can have it done in any colour you like.

Take advantage of our colour matching service and we will help you match your bathtub to your tiles, basins, floor tiles anything!

Why not add a Cast Iron Pedestal Basin and complete the look of your traditional bathroom.

You can order one on-line and we will arrange to have it delivered to your house anywhere in Australia.


If you have your own antique "Ball & Claw" Bathtub and Pedestal Basin that you would love to have restored to new, then Bathroom Werx can help you too.

All you have to do is bring it to our Factory, or arrange to have it delivered, where it will undergo an exhaustive restoration process that will bring it back to new!

The restoration process will completely restore the outside of the bathtub, the inside and the feet. You can choose any colour you like or we can colour match a special colour for you.                                       

We have been lovingly restoring these antiques bathtubs now for over 30 years - we have professionally restored thousands of them over the years and we can do yours too. 

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Cast Iron Bathtub on FeetBathtub ColoursCast Iron Pedestal Basin
A Cast Iron Bathtub on Feet Choose any colour you like...Cast Iron Pedestal Basin


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