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Restored Antique Cast Iron Ball Claw Bathtub on Feet

Fully Restored 5'6" Traditional Claw Foot bathtubs & Pedestal Basins that have been meticulously restored to new! And in any colour of your choice to suit your bathroom!

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Soak for hours in a beautifully restored piece of Australian History.

Tradionally used in Federation and Bungalow style homes, the cast iron "Ball & Claw" Bathtub has been reclaimed as a classic feature in any style home.

Every bathtub is ENAMELLED in our factory and is detailed to achieve the finest quality finish possible.

Interior Surface
The Werx Enamel is a smooth glossy finish and the colour can be tailor made to suit the colour scheme you have chosen for your bathroom.

Exterior Surface
The exterior surface is ground down to bare metal, filled and sanded to achieve a smooth surface and is then coated in a high gloss finish (in the colour of your choice) to create an individual look for your bathroom.

The Cast Iron 'Ball & Claw' Bathtub is tremendously strong so it will last you a lifetime. This also means that it is heavy (approx 100kgs) so you will need plenty of people to move it into place.

These bathtubs are a lot deeper than the average bath. Once you fill them up with hot water, the cast iron heats up and insulates it well to maintain water temperature for longer periods of time.

You can have the four feet enamelled in any colour you like.
Alternatively you can have the four Feet electroplated in brass or chrome. 


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Antique cast iron bathtub on "Ball & Claw" feet.

You can choose the inside of the bathtub to be enamelled in any colour that you like. We can even match the inside colour to the wall tiles in your bathroom. The outside can be matched to floor tiles.

The feet can be brass, gold or chrome plated. Or they can enamelled the same colour as the outside.

Please note that delivery charges & freight are not included in our price. Please call us before you place an order to get a confirmed quote for delivery and freight charges.

Otherwise you can pick it up when it is ready from our factory at 3 Harrow Street, Preston, Vic., 3072.

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