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Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Resurfacing & Bath Renovation Services Available Australia-wide

What does your home’s bathroom say about your style?

Tired Bathrooms No More

Styles for everything come and go, and bathrooms are no exception. In fact, they may be the rule! The old saying that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes rings true year after year. Whether you’re selling or staying put, the style of your bathroom says a lot about your home’s personality and overall vibe.

An outdated bathroom or chipped vanity may still work, but these visions don’t always offer the best first impression to guests or potential buyers. A full bathroom renovation can be a costly exercise that leaves a large dent in the bank account, but you also can’t afford to leave it as it is. Luckily, there’s another option to restore your bathroom to its sparkly and shiny former self.

We provide our bathroom renovation services Australia-wide, including in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and Sydney.

Putting The Beauty Back In Your Bathroom

If your bathroom plumbing and fittings are working well and up to code but your fixtures and overall bathroom aesthetic are slightly lacking, we’re the team to call! At Bathroom Werx we’re dedicated to helping your bathroom look its best regardless of your personal style. We offer everything from minor chip repair to a complete cosmetic makeover of your bathroom, helping it to speak to your style without breaking the bank.

Our Bathroom Renovation Techniques

Bath, Shower & Basin Re-enamelling/Resurfacing

Rough, worn, or chipped baths and showers often look unsightly— not what you want in a place meant to make you clean! Bath, shower, and basin re-enamelling or resurfacing can bring them back to life in just 5 hours.

Commercial Bathroom Renovations

Running a hotel, motel, gymnasium, or other commercial property can be difficult enough. If your commercial bathroom isn’t severely damaged but could use a refresh, resurfacing is a great option and won’t leave your bathroom out of action for too long.

Bathroom Detailing

Preparing your bathroom for sale can be tough at any of time of year, especially after the long and cold winter months. Bathroom detailing can include cleaning and re-grouting tiles, removing old silicone, and degreasing and cleaning, helping to bring back its shine.

Anti-Slip Treatment

Bathrooms can easily attract accidents with water and slippery surfaces. Anti-slip treatments increase grip and reduce the likelihood of these accidents, and are totally invisible so they don’t become an eyesore.

Tile Resurfacing

Tile resurfacing gives your bathroom a fresh new look without the expense of a full bathroom renovation. Whether your tiles are chipped and cracked or just showing their age, tile resurfacing gives them a new lease on life.

Bath Repair & Refinishing

Minor surface damage to your bath tends to make your bathroom look worn out. Polishing to remove surface stains and light scratches will help it look new again, and we can repair surfaces including fibreglass, porcelain, and concrete.

Examples of Renovations and Bathroom Resurfacing

Bathroom renovations

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The Benefits Of Beautifying Your Bathroom

Resurfacing or restoring your bathroom is faster and cheaper than a full renovation and can provide just as effective a result. With a range of colours available, our exclusive Werx Enamel formula, and our technicians available to advise you on the best options for your project, your bathroom can soon be unrecognisable— in the best way possible!

Bathroom Werx— Your Partner In Bathroom Makeovers Since 1986

7 year guarantee

We offer a 7 year guarantee on your newly restored and re-enamelled bathroom, giving you peace of mind in the labour and materials.

30 years’ experience

At over 30 years old, our company is over four times as old as our guarantee, so it’s safe to say we’re here for the long haul!

High Quality Materials

We wouldn’t be able to offer our guarantee without using high-quality materials, so you can rest assured

Backed by Research

Our enamelling process has undergone thousands of dollars’ worth of research and development in its 30+ years, allowing us to confidently re-enamel your bathroom rather than use industrial paints and resins that simply don’t last. 

CSIRO Tested

The Werx Enamel has been CSIRO tested and passed Australian standards including adhesion (cross-cut), adhesion (pull-off), impact resistance, chemical resistance, and more.

Expert Technicians

Our technicians are highly trained and experienced, giving you a safe and stunning new-look bathroom at a fraction of the cost of a full renovation.

Bring On The New Bathroom

Mould and mildew no more! A bathroom makeover by our team at Bathroom Werx ensures your bathroom is restored back to its best-looking and safest self in no time. Whether your bathroom has chips, cracks, or damage to the bathtub, shower, sink, or tiles, it won’t be long before it’s looking like a magazine ad. Backed by our seven year guarantee, your bathroom makeover can be the best decision you’ve ever made for your home.

Get Started On Your Beautiful Bathroom Today

Is your acrylic looking aged? Fibreglass feeling fatigued? Terrazzo looking tired? Colours and styles come and go, so when your bathroom is working fine but not looking its best, we’re here to help. To book a free quote or request a call, contact our professional and experienced team today. 

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