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Why Bathroom Werx?

Full 7 year written guarantee

You can relax knowing that Bathroom Werx guarantees your newly restored and re-enameled bathroom in writing for 7 years.

Your guarantee covers labour and materials and is designed to give you peace of mind.

With over 30 years experience, our products and services have withstood the test of time and so will your bathroom!

Bathroom Werx is over four times as old as its guarantee and has passed Australian standards testing by the CSIRO - now that's a guarantee that you can bank on.

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Bathroom Werx 7 year guarantee

We manufacture our own bathroom resurfacing enamel

Our unique Werx Enamel is exclusively manufactured by us and is specifically formulated to suit our extensive range of services and products. The terrific advantage of working directly with the manufacturer is that you can benefit from total flexibility in your final result including colour scheme, finish and functionality. Plus, we ensure you get an exceptional quality finish and durability on all your bathroom surfaces backed by our 7 year written guarantee. 

Our Werx Enamel also has an anti-slip factor. This means that when applied to bathtubs or shower bases the surface will be a lot less slippery when wet, compared to the surfaces of brand new sanitary ware.

The Werx Enamel is also incredibly easy to clean and maintain, as well as being mould and mildew resistant.

Our on-site restoration and reconditioning technology means that your bathroom can be re-enamelled in as little as one day and ready to use again in 24 hours!

The Werx Enamel can be baked on to most bathroom surfaces using our unique Bathroom Werx baking system. This gives you the option of using your bathroom again the minute we finish.

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