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Bathroom Shower Base Re-enamelling & Repairs

In just 6 hours, Bathroom Werx can transform your old worn, chipped and stained shower base to a sparkling "new" shower base in any decorator colour you like. Using our unique WERX Enamel, the chips and scratches are filled leaving you with a sparkling, easy to clean "new" shower base.

We can also fill concrete shower bases to create a smooth surface which is then re-enamelled. This is an ideal way to transform concrete shower bases to a smooth and glossy modern looking shower base.

The Bathroom Werx shower base treatment includes the following work:

  • Repair all chips and cracks in the surface of the shower base.
  • Remove loose grout and discoloured grout, and regrout where necessary.
  • Mechanical and chemical surface preparation.
  • Apply the Werx Enamel coating to the shower base in any colour that you like.

Your shower base will simply look brand new again!

And because of the anti-slip factor in the Werx Enamel you will find it a lot less slippery when wet.

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Before our shower base re-enamelling | Bathroom Werx

Before our shower base re-enamelling

After our shower base re-enamelling | Bathroom Werx

After our shower base re-enamelling

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