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Bathtub Resurfacing

If the surface of your bathtub or basin is rough, worn, chipped or just the wrong colour, our bathtub re-enamelling service is for you.

Bath Resurfacing Process

The Bathroom Werx resurfacing process restores the bath's enamel surface to look like NEW again!

When we re-enamel your bathtub or basin we:

  • Remove all the bath rust
  • Repair all bath chips
  • Repair any other damage or surface imperfections
  • Prepare the surface using our own exclusive materials
  • Apply the WERX ENAMEL to the bathtub and basin using the unique Bathroom Werx Re-enamelling system in the colour of your choice.

Save Time & Money by Resurfacing

Bathroom Werx re-enamelling technology means that your bath and basin can be resurfaced on the spot in just 5 hours with no expensive re-tiling or re-plumbing and no mess!

Hard Wearing, Longer Lasting Bath Enamel

Unlike others who use industrial paints, resins and other resurfacing methods that fade, discolour, peel or scratch, Bathroom Werx completely re-enamel your bath and basin with our commercial strength Werx Enamel designed and tested specifically for the heavy use and the kind of punishment a bathtub is likely to be subjected to, while keeping a great finish for years, not months.

You can relax knowing that Bathroom Werx guarantees their work for 7 YEARS in writing!!!

Get a Free Quote on Resurfacing Your Bathtub Now

Our re-enamelling specialists are available to resurface your bathtub all across Australia. Give us a call on 1800 644 171 or get us to call you and discuss your requirements.

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Before Bathtub Resurfacing After Bathtub Resurfacing
Before Bathtub Resurfacing After Bathtub Resurfacing


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Give us a call today. Our qualified staff will be able to quote over the phone, or for larger jobs your local qualified technician will provide you a quote and save you money, time and hassle, by completing all the work on the spot. No mess no fuss, just a beautiful new bathroom at a fraction of the cost!