Bath Repair for Chips, Scratches, Stains, and Cracks.

Bathtub Crack RepairThe Werx Bathtub Chip Repair Service is ideal for bathtubs, basins and shower bases which look unsightly due to minor surface damage. It is an economical solution to make your bathroom look presentable again. Once we have finished you'll be struggling to find the repair.

And together with the Werx Polishing Service your bath, basin and shower base can be polished to remove surface stains and light surface scratches to give them a "near new" look again. 

Please note that our repair and polishing systems are a cost effective alternative to resurfacing the whole bathtub or even replacing it. As they are only designed to be a short term cosmetic repair, we can only provide a 12month Guarantee on this service. If you are after a long term solution, we recommend our bathroom re-enamelling services which come with a 7 Year written Guarantee.

We can repair chips, scratches, stains and cracks in the following Bathroom items:

Bathtubs Tiles Spa Baths
Basins Shower bases  
Bench tops Toilet Bowls  


We can repair the following surfaces:

Fibreglass Porcelain Concrete
Acrylic Pressed Steel Terrazzo and Laminex
Polymarble Cast Iron