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About Bathroom WERX - An Australian National Business

Bathroom Werx was established in 1986 and has since grown into a national franchise system specialising in bathroom makeovers.

A Bathroom Werx makeover is a great alternative to expensive bathroom renovations that saves people thousands of dollars. The work is done quickly in days, not weeks, and the results are as good as new especially as we back it with a 7 year written guarantee!

With nearly 40 years experience and thousands of satisfied customers, we can breathe new life into your bathroom without the hassle and expense of renovating!

Bathroom Renovators Resurfacers

Our Services

We've researched, developed and manufactured our own ceramic resurfacing enamel, together with the equipment necessary to carry out the process. All of our products are specifically formulated for re-enamelling of bathroom sanitary ware.

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The Bathroom Werx Enamel Technology

Bathroom Werx technology means that your bath, basin, shower base or wall tiles can be re-enamelled on the spot ready to use 24 hours after completion. 

This process eliminates the traditional method of renovating a bathroom and the inconvenience, mess and hassle that result. 

The Bathroom Werx Enamel is a specially formulated and manufactured product made especially for bathroom sanitary ware :

  • Re-enamelling of bathtubs, basins, shower bases and wall tiles
  • Shower base repairs - leaking shower bases and cracked shower bases
  • Chip repairs & polishes to bathtubs, basins and shower bases
  • Related products - bathtub & tile cleaner, bath seal, anti-slip grids, quick fit waste inserts

We manufacture the unique WERX ENAMEL which has been specifically formulated for re-enamelling baths, basins, showers, tiles and all bathroom fixtures and fittings. This
ensures you get an exceptional quality finish and durability on all your bathroom surfaces backed by our 7 year written guarantee.

Our Werx Enamel also has an anti-slip factor. This means that when applied to bathtubs or shower bases the surface will be a lot less slippery when wet, especially compared to the surfaces of brand new sanitary ware.

The Werx Enamel is also incredibly easy to clean and maintain, as well as being mould and mildew resistant.

Our on-site restoration and reconditioning technology means that your bathroom can be re-enamelled in as little as one day and ready to use again in 24 hours!


Our unique Werx Enamel is made in Australia from the finest materials so that we can guarantee our customers the best quality. It will restore old bathrooms back to new in the colours of your choice so that when our technicians leave, your bathroom will be ready to use again in just 24 hours!

Highest Quality Materials

The unique Werx Enamel has taken over 30 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars of research and development to perfect. Only the finest materials are used to make this high quality product.

The Bathroom Werx commercial strength Werx Enamel has been specifically formulated for the heavy use and punishment bathrooms are subjected to and all the challenges that the bathroom environment presents. It can withstand sudden changes in temperature from cold to hot, the different products we use to clean ourselves with and the plethora of chemicals that people use to clean their bathrooms.

Mould & mildew resistant

The Werx Enamel is mould and mildew resistant and makes cleaning a breeze! That's why it's used in the world's leading hotels and that's why we guarantee it.

7 year written gurantee - backed by nearly 40 years experience

Our customers have peace of mind knowing that they're dealing with a long established business that cares about the quality of their work!

Features of the Bathroom Werx Enamel finish

The Bathroom Werx enamelling process and products have been developed and manufactured by us specifically for work on bathtubs, tiles, shower bases and other sanitary ware in the bathroom.
The products are highly complex because they have to work in a complex situation:

1. The product is light, fast and does not yellow, complete with excellent surface adhesion.
2. It's tough, yet flexible enough to enable it to expand and contract during hot and cold temperature changes.
3. It's highly stain resistant.
4. It can be polished and maintain its gloss well.
5. It has an anti-slip factor which makes it a lot less slippery when wet.
6. The Werx Enamel is ready to use 24 hours after completion. 
7. We guarantee it for 7 years on any sanitary ware that we apply it to.

The Bathroom Werx Enamel has passed testing by the CSIRO against the following Australian Standards:
a) Adhesion (cross cut) AS/NZS 1580 Method 408.4
b) Adhesion (pull off) AS/NZS 1580.408.5:1994
c) Impact resistance AS 1580 Method 406.1
d) Alkali resistance ASTM D1308-02
e) Acid resistance ASTM D1308-02
f)  Hot water resistance AS1580 Method 456.1
g)  Chemical stain resistance ASTM D1308-02
h)  Abrasion resistance AS1580 Method 403.2

The Werx Enamel can be used on any of the following surfaces in a bathroom:

* Cast Iron * Pressed Steel * Fibreglass  * Ceramic Tiles  * Polymarble
* Laminex * Porcelain  * Acrylic  * Terrazzo  * Concrete


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