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Complete Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

Stunning bathroom renovations in Melbourne, without the overwhelming price tag. 

Melbourne Bathroom Renovations

Complete Bathroom Renovations in Melbourne That Don't Cost A Fortune

There are many reasons to revamp your home! Maybe you’re looking to sell, and you know that kitchens and bathrooms can make a world of difference for potential buyers. Or, maybe you’re just looking to get your current house a little closer to your dream home.  The style of your bathroom can add considerable value to your property. Your run-down sink and leaky shower might make do, but it doesn’t always leave the best impression!

Here’s the problem: full bathroom remodels and renovations can cost a fortune. For many people, redoing the bathroom gets shoved further and further down the priority list. And fair enough! Who wants to collect up all their savings year after year just to get a new vanity?

Luckily, there are other options available to get you a complete bathroom renovation without draining the bank account.

bathroom renovations melbourne

Renovate Your Dream Bathroom To Its Full Potential

Sometimes, a complete bathroom rebuild simply isn’t necessary! If your plumbing and fittings are all functional and up to code, why bother ripping them out?

Our bathroom renovators are here to give Melbourne homeowners an affordable alternative for renovating their bathrooms.

Refreshing your fixtures and overall bathroom design can transform your bathroom completely, and won’t cost nearly as much. We're making Melbourne bathroom renovations more accessible than ever.

Whatever the style of your bathroom, Bathroom Werx is ready to bring a breath of fresh air to the space, bringing beauty back to your home. Our team offers everything you need to revamp your dream bathroom without ripping out all the key fittings, from minor repairs, and resurfacing to complete makeovers.

Whatever your bathroom needs to get back to tip-top condition, we can provide it!

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Our Bathroom Renovation Services in Melbourne

Give your existing tiles a new lease on life by getting them renovated. Our tile renovations can make even the oldest and most chipped tiles look good as new. 

Years of wear and tear can take their toll on your bathroom. Even minor damages can make your bathroom look more worn out than it needs to be. We can polish up your bathroom, removing any surface stains or light scratches, to get it looking good as new.

Prepping your house for sale means those finer details matter more than ever. Detailing your bathroom is all about bringing back its sparkle, and can include cleaning and regrouting tiles, removing any silicone, degreasing, and washing. Our skilled tradespeople perform every job with high attention to detail to produce amazing results.

Safety needs to come first. Bathrooms are especially prone to accidents due to water and slippage. Utilising anti-slip products can increase grip and decrease the chances of accidents happening. As a bonus, everything we use is totally invisible! So you don’t have to worry about any eye sores.

There is nothing appealing about a damaged, worn shower or bath. But what if we told you that with just five hours, we could bring these features back to life? Our team can re-enamel or resurface a shower, bath, or basin in just one day’s work.

When you’re running a hotel, gym, motel, or other commercial property, the bathrooms can be the least of your worries. Getting them refreshed and back to looking their best doesn’t need to be an annoyance - we can get your bathrooms resurfaced and shinier than ever without taking them out of operation for too long.

Ready for an affordable bathroom renovation to transform your property? Breathe new life into your old bathroom by reaching out to the Bathroom Werx team today!

Before a Large Bathroom Renovations in Melbourne

Before Large Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

After Bathroom Renovations in Melbourne

After Large Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

Perks of Bathroom Renovation and Restoration in Melbourne

Let’s talk about the benefits. Truth be told, there are many, many reasons why you should choose our bathroom restoration services over traditional, back-to-square-one remodelling. Firstly, this renovation process is considerably faster and cheaper. By keeping all your plumbing and fittings where they are, you’ll be able to get your bathroom looking good in no time, and it won’t cost a fortune.

Beyond that, Bathroom Werx can offer customisable services. Our goal is to help you create the bathroom of your dreams. To make that happen, we offer a range of colours across all our products, ensuring we can suit the style of your bathroom. Our technicians will work closely with you throughout your bathroom renovation, advising you on all the best options for your project and working towards bringing your visions to life. With excellent resources, including our exclusive Werx Enamel formula, you can trust that your bathroom is in the best possible hands.

Our services are available Australia-wide. We operate not only in Melbourne, but also in Perth, Adelaide, and Sydney.

Before Bathroom Renovations in Melbourne

Before Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

After Bathroom Renovations in Melbourne

After Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

Why Choose Bathroom Werx for your Bathroom Renovation project?

7-year guarantee

We take pride in the work we do, and we trust that everything we do is going to be a long-term solution. That’s why we offer a 7-year guarantee on our projects completed for all our clients.

30 Years of Experience

With over three decades of experience, you can rest assured that your bathroom is in safe hands. Our years in the industry have provided our team with unparalleled expertise and bathroom designs.

High Quality Materials

At Bathroom Werx, we’ve dedicated ourselves to offering only the best of the best for the entire process of renovating your bathroom. Our top-quality materials and resources are the best in the market, ensuring that we are delivering the highest level of results possible. This includes our exclusive Werx Enamel.

Backed by Research

Every product we’ve invested in, each technique we practice, and the unique enamel we’ve created, are all backed by thorough research. We care about offering the greatest bathroom renovation services available - that’s why we’ve taken the time to research our work and guarantee our practices are the best they can be.

CSIRO Tested

Our Bathroom Werx Enamel is CSIRO tested and approved by Australian standards across a wide variety of criteria. Everything we use to renovate bathrooms is safe and tested.

Expert Team of Technicians

The Bathroom Werx is comprised of a passionate, dedicated and experienced team. Our team members are extremely skilled and knowledgeable, with years of experience under their belts. Our excellent workmanship and professional service sets our expert bathroom builders apart from the crowd. 

Before a Complete Bathroom Renovation

Before a Complete Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

After a Complete Bathroom Renovation

After a Complete Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

Customer Reviews - Bathroom Werx

"The transformation of the bath was the equivalent of an ugly caterpillar being transformed into a beautiful butterfly. Your office team complemented your great product delivered by a very competent bathroom renovation technician. It was a terrific customer service by all concerned."

- David W. (Lorne VIC)

"All our dealings with Bathroom Werx have been positive. We have already recommended their bathroom renovation services to our friends. Everyone is very impressed with the finished result."

- Jan R. (Dingley VIC)

"I write this letter of appreciation for the most professional and caring response to have work done at my home. It has been a pleasure to deal with Bathroom Werx. Many firms today do not have your dedication and attitude and I would have no hesitation in recommending your firm to others."

- Alison L. (Essendon VIC)

Our Bathroom Designs Will Make You Fall In Love With Your Bathroom Again

Sometimes, it can be hard to see past the wear and tear. But if your bathroom is functional as it is, then it’s probably easier than you think to get it back to its former beauty. Here at Bathroom Werx, we aim to deliver affordable services that transform a space without ripping it down completely. No matter whether the project is small bathroom renovations in your home or a large-scale commercial site, we want to see your property looking good as new. No more mildew and mould! Let’s get your bathroom looking like it belongs in a lifestyle magazine.

Click here to view more before and after bathroom renovation photos.

Create Your Dream Bathroom Today

The Bathroom Werx team is dedicated to quick, affordable, impactful bathroom renovations. If your Melbourne bathroom could do with a revamp, we’re ready to lend a hand! Depending on the size of your bathroom, we can get an entire remodel done in approximately 48 hours.

To get one of our expert tradesmen to transform your tired bathroom into a shiny jewel, simply reach out to the Bathroom Werx team today. We can provide a free quote to get you a comprehensive idea of what to expect from our renovation services. For anyone looking for great bathroom renovations in Melbourne, the search is over.

For more information call Bathroom Werx on 1800 644 171 or request your Free Information Package which shows you how you can save thousands of dollars on your Melbourne bathroom renovations.

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before bathroom renovations melbourne
after bathroom renovations melbourne
before bathroom renovations melbourne
after bathroom renovations melbourne

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