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Bathroom Renovations Adelaide

Ready to upgrade and refresh your home’s bathroom?

Tired Bathrooms No More...

Bathrooms are not exempt from the forever changing styles in interior design. In fact, they are a place to express your style. There's a saying that bathrooms and kitchens sell homes. This saying still remains true.

The style and layout of your bathroom can speak volumes about your home's personality, and how you feel about it. While a worn-out bathroom or vanity may still be functional, they are not always the most appealing to potential buyers or clients.

Although a complete bathroom renovation is an investment, it's also costing you to keep it the way it is. There's now a great alternative way to make your bathroom sparkle and shine again.

Small Bathroom Renovations Adelaide

Putting The Beauty Back In Your Bathroom

Adelaide homeowners now have a cost-effective alternative to expensive bathroom renovations.

Bathroomwerx is the right team to call if you have a bathroom that's not up to code and has a poor aesthetic and plumbing. We will make your bathroom stand out, regardless of what style you have and help you make your bathroom look great no matter what your space or budget.

Whether you are looking for a standard bathroom renovation or a total bathroom transformation, our design team can help you! Contact us for further information.

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Before Bathroom Renovations

Before Bathroom Renovations Adelaide

After Bathroom Renovations

After Bathroom Renovations Adelaide

Complete Bathroom Renovations Adelaide

Bath, Shower & Basin Re-enamelling/Resurfacing

Badly maintained showers and baths can look ugly. It takes just 5 hours to bring them back to life with a basin, shower, and basin re-enamelling or resurfacing.

Commercial Bathroom Renovations

The management of a clean and outstanding bathroom in a hotel, motel, gym, or any other commercial property is difficult enough. Resurfacing can be a great option for commercial bathrooms and toilets that aren't too damaged but need a refresh. We'll make it look like a brand new bathroom.

Bathroom Detailing

Preparing your bathroom to sell can be difficult at any time of year, particularly after the long and cold winter months. To bring back the shine of your bathroom, you will need to clean and re-grout tiles.

Tile Resurfacing

You can give your bathroom a brand new look with tile resurfacing without having to do a complete bathroom remodel project. No matter if your tiles are cracked and chipped or showing signs of age, tile resurfacing will give them a new lease.

Bath Repair & Refinishing

Bathrooms with minor damage can make them look unattractive. You can have your bath polished to remove any surface stains or scratches. We also repair concrete, fibreglass, and porcelain.

Anti-Slip Treatment

Bathrooms can be a magnet for accidents caused by water and slippery surfaces. Anti-slip treatment increase grip and reduces the risk of slippage.

Our High Quality Bathroom Renovation Techniques

With WERX Bathroom renovations techniques, all those nasty little quirks will be quickly repaired and everything will come up looking like new, so there will be no need to get rid of any fittings or fixtures that could leave your bank account gasping for air.

We have a fully trained bathroom renovation team, who will come into your home and do a no-mess, on-the-spot job. They will repair damaged tiles, grout, cracked tiles and chipped enamel and will remove any rust and ugly water stains.

And then, at your request, they'll apply the unique WERX Enamel coating to renovate your entire bathroom in the decorator colours of your choice.

This Werx Enamel - the company specialty is exclusively manufactured by Bathroom Werx and has been specifically formulated for bathroom resurfacing. It has been tested by the CSIRO and passes all Australian Standards for bathrooms.

Bathroom Renovations Adelaide before
Bathroom Renovations Adelaide After

Want to quickly see amazing results?

There are many benefits to beautifying your bathroom

Resurfacing or restoring a bathroom can be quicker and more cost effective than a full remodel. It also provides a better result. You can make your existing bathroom look brand new with our Werx Enamel color selection and the help of our technicians who will be able to advise you on the best options. We offer our services all over Australia, including Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

Large Bathroom Renovations Adelaide before
Large Bathroom Renovations Adelaide After

Bathroom Werx Adelaide — Your Partner In Bathroom Makeovers, Since 1986

Research backs it

Over the past 30+ years, thousands of dollars worth of research has been done on our enamelling process. We can confidently re-enamel your bathroom instead of using industrial paints and resins that are not durable. This is a research-backed concept.

30 years experience

Our company has over 3 decades of bathroom renovation experience. Over the years, we've built extensive industry knowledge and can guarantee to deliver a high quality and stress-free completion of the entire project throughout.

High-Quality Materials

You can be sure that we will honor our guarantee. We cannot offer it if we don't use high-quality materials.

Expert Technicians

Our experienced and highly-trained technicians can create a stunning new look bathroom for a fraction of the price of a full remodel.

CSIRO Tested

The Werx Enamel passed CSIRO testing and has passed Australian standards for adhesion (crosscut and/or pull-off ), impact, and chemical resistance.

7 year guarantee

We offer a 7-year warranty on your newly renovated and re-enamelled bathroom. This guarantees you the highest quality workmanship and materials.

Bring On The Bathroom

You can forget about mildew or mould! Bathroom Werx can transform your bathroom into something beautiful and safe. No matter how damaged or chipped your bathroom is, you'll soon be able to make it look like a magazine cover. Our seven-year guarantee will ensure that creating your dream bathroom or renovation is the best decision you make for your home.

Get started with your beautiful bathroom today

Are you seeing signs of aging in your acrylic? Terrazzo looking tired? Are you unsatisfied with your Terrazzo's old style? Call our expert team today to get a quote and schedule a consultation.

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Bathroom renovations in Adelaide
Bathroom renovation Adelaide

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