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Bathroom Renovation Sydney

Unlock the potential of Your bathroom with our bathroom renovation services in Sydney.

Dreaming Of A New Bathroom, But Dreading The Bathroom Renovation Cost?

Here's the thing about bathroom renovations in Sydney: they sound great, up until you get that first quote. Getting a complete bathroom renovation costs severe levels of time and money. All too often, people dreaming about total bathroom makeovers find themselves disheartened to realise just how expensive it is to completely gut and redesign their room from top to bottom. But, when bathrooms are so vital to the personality and style of your home, how can you resist?

You deserve more than a bathroom that is simply 'functional'. Your shabby vanity and worn-out bath might work fine, but you deserve to fall in love with your home all over again. Bathroom renovations might come at some daunting prices, but we've got some great news for you. A full remodel might not be necessary! There are other options to bring back your bathroom's shine and beauty.

Get Your Dream Bathroom Makeover with Bathroom Werx

Bathroom Werx Sydney will help you save thousands on major bathroom remodels. Our unique bath restoration process can transform your bathroom by removing stains, cracks, and rust to create a new bathroom.

A luxury bathroom renovation shouldn't require unnecessary work. If your existing plumbing and fittings work fine, then why fix what isn't broken? While other bathroom renovation companies might expect you to commit to a massive bathroom renovation job, we're offering to take your existing bathroom and restore its beauty in simple, cost-effective ways. A quality bathroom renovation could be easier to achieve than you think!

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Before Bathroom Renovations in Sydney

Bathroom renovations Sydney

After Bathroom Renovations in Sydney

Bathroom renovations Sydney

Bathroom Renovation Services in Sydney

In just five hours, we can transform worn or damaged showers and baths. With re-enamelling or resurfacing, your bath, basin, or shower can be brought back to life.
If you run a commercial property such as a hotel, motel, or gym, you've got enough on your plate without pesky bathroom renovations. Resurfacing is an excellent option if your commercial bathroom just needs a refresh - and it won't take away from your bathroom's functionality for too long.
Sometimes, your bathroom just needs to rediscover its shine. Detailing your bathroom can include cleaning and regrouting tiles, removing any silicone, degreasing, and washing. The results will astound you!

Bathrooms are prone to trip and fall accidents due to water and slippery surfaces. Anti-slip products increase grip and decrease the chance of accidents. They are completely invisible, so they don't become an eyesore.

Why renovate your entire bathroom if you don't need to? No matter how old or chipped your tiles are, resurfacing them could transform the entire space.
Minor surface damage can leave your bathroom looking awful. By removing surface stains or light scratches, we can polish your bathroom to perfection.

Ready for a quality bathroom renovation that will have your property value skyrocketing? Contact our friendly team today for custom bathroom renovations.

Bathroom renovations Sydney
Bathroom renovations Sydney

The Perks Of Resurfacing Your Bathroom

Resurfacing or restoring your bathroom can be considerably faster than committing to full bathroom renovations, and is just as efficient. Our small bathroom renovations are a collection of quicker services that can get your bathroom looking good as new, at a fraction of the cost.

Our exclusive Werx Enamel formulation will have your bathroom built for long-term maintenance, and our expert technicians will be able to advise you on all the best options for your project.

All bathroom renovations completed with us are also entirely customisable! With an extensive range of colours available across our products, you will have complete control over the style of your bathroom renovations. Our services are available all across Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide.


Before Bathroom Renovations

Before Bathroom Renovations in Sydney

After Bathroom Renovations

After Bathroom Renovations in Sydney

Bathroom Werx— Your Partner In Sydney for Bathroom Makeovers

7 year Guarantee

All your newly restored and re-enamelled bathrooms are covered by our secure 7-year warranty. This means you can rest assured that all our solutions are built for long-term results.

30 years Experience

You can learn a lot about bathroom renovation in 30 years. With over three decades of experience, you can have faith in our team's work.

Experienced Technicians

Any bathroom renovation performed by our highly-trained and experienced technicians is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Our bathroom renovations will give you a beautiful, safe new bathroom at a fraction of the price of a complete renovation.

CSIRO Tested

The Werx Enamel was tested by CSIRO and passed Australian standards, including adhesion cross-cut and/ or pull-off, impact resistance, chemical resistant, and many more.

Backed By Research

With more than 30 years in development, our enamelling process has been finely tuned to perfection with thorough research and development. This means our bathroom renovations are far more secure than any standard industrial paint or resin job.

High Quality Materials

Bathroom renovations require excellent materials if they're going to last. We can guarantee such long-term results because we know we've got the best resources on the market.

Rediscover The Beauty Of Your Bathroom

Say goodbye to chips, cracks, mildew, and mould. Our bathroom renovations take the existing appeal of your bathroom and take it to the next level. Anyone looking to take on a bathroom renovation project that will have your home looking like a magazine advertisement should seriously consider our services.

At the end of the day, we're working to get your bathroom design more impressive than ever within a comparatively short time frame. It doesn't matter if your bathroom has cracks or chips or any damage to the sink, bathtub, or tiles.

Elevate Your Home With A Bathroom Renovation, Sydney NSW

Bathroom makeovers should be accessible, affordable, and fast. From small bathroom renovations to large-scale commercial projects, Bathroom Werx is your dedicated bathroom renovation company. We can handle jobs of all sizes, delivering high-quality bathroom renovations to clients all across Sydney and Australia.

Bathroom Werx offers a Written Guarantee of 7 Years, backed by over 30 years of business experience. Contact our experienced and professional team to request a quote or call us on 1800 644 171.

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Sydney Bathroom Renovation
Bathroom Renovation in Sydney
Bathroom Makeover Sydney
Bathroom Renovations Sydney

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