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I want to get into my own business - where do I start?

Posted by bathroom on 6 March 2012
Good question! Make sure you have the support of your partner and family as being in business is going to consume a lot of your time so it is important that they are behind you in this undertaking. Then start saving money so that you have at least half the purchase price in cash. Then you don't have to borrow more than 50% of the purchase price and that will take a lot of pressure off you. The next thing is to start thinking about what sort of business you are going to enjo...
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I want to buy a Franchise Business but I am not sure. Do I have control and do I have a say in the business?

Posted by bathroom on 6 March 2012
Something very important that you should understand about Franchising is that it is not about control. Franchising is about the synergy that develops from two people combining their entrepreneurial spirit to grow and develop their mutual business. The aim of this synergy is to create wealth for the both of them. This means that in running the business you will have certain functions to perform to make sure that you are successful and your Franchisor has certain functions to per...
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I'm thinking of buying a Franchise business for my 25year old son. Is this a good idea?

Posted by bathroom on 6 March 2012
I think that it is a great idea... and for many reasons! Firstly, a franchise business is going to offer your son the training he is going to need to run a business. And as you know there are many skills that you need to run a business. Secondly, the advantages that a good franchise operation offers are that they have systems in place to monitor his performance and benchmark him against others in the system.  He will have access to continuous training, benchmarking, reviews an...
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