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I want to buy a Franchise Business but I am not sure. Do I have control and do I have a say in the business?

Posted by bathroom on 6 March 2012

Something very important that you should understand about Franchising is that it is not about control.

Franchising is about the synergy that develops from two people combining their entrepreneurial spirit to grow and develop their mutual business.

The aim of this synergy is to create wealth for the both of them.

This means that in running the business you will have certain functions to perform to make sure that you are successful and your Franchisor has certain functions to perform to ensure that the value of the brand, and therefore the business you are in, continually increases in value.

If you look at franchising this way you will soon realise that you are getting into business with a lot of people they all have a stake in the business, they all want to be involved in decisions and outcomes that affect them.

The way you run your franchise business has an impact on every other franchisee in the system and they on yours. You can start to see how important the Franchisor's role of keeping "everyone singing from the same hymn sheet" becomes crucial to the success of the brand.

So back to your questions.  Of course you have a say and control. You control the day to day and the interaction of your customers with your employees and with the brand. The question you are always asking yourself everyday is "how can I run things better" so that my Customer is the winner. These are the sort of answers that your franchisor is always searching for and this is where you have a big say in the business.

The other side of this is that you are one part of a big team your brand - and that requires the discipline  from you to play your part on that team.

There is nothing to be unsure about in running a franchise business. The functions that determine the success of your business have been identified and systems are in place to help your carry them out. All you have to do is follow the SYSTEM.

This is one of the most important factors in making Franchising more successful than small business in general.

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