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3 Things Every Australian Should do to Make Their Bathroom Safe

Posted by BathroomWerx on 15 September 2021
3 Things Every Australian Should do to Make Their Bathroom Safe


The bathroom is one of our favourite places to unwind and according to the stats, it’s also one of our favourite places to get injured. 


About Bathroom Injuries in Australia

At least 3700 injuries occur in the bathroom each year in Queensland alone, are you doing everything you can to keep your home safe?

Of those injuries, children and older people are at the most risk.

Follow these tips to minimize the risk of injuries in your bathroom and increase the safety of those in your home.


3 Ways to reduce injuries in your bathroom

1) Reduce the risk of falls in your bathroom:

47% of those injuries in total are a result of slipping and falling and make 79% of older residents injuries.

These numbers might not surprise many readers as the bathroom floor will often be wet and tiles can be slick and glossy. 

How to reduce the risk of falls in the bathroom:

To reduce falls and injuries in your bathroom you could consider the following:

  • Use a slip-resistant floor mat outside your shower and bath

  • Choose rounded corners for benchtops to reduce injury

  • Keep your bathroom floor clutter-free by keeping items like plants on shelves and counters

The most critical factor in making your bathroom floor safer is your choice of tiles. Your tile grout provides a great deal of grip so you will want to ensure that you have it cleaned and detailed.

Additionally, you could consider re-enamelling your tiles and fixtures with Bathroom Werx anti-slip treatment. The anti-slip treatment gives up to 800% more co-efficient grip on wet surfaces and reduces the chance of accidents. 

If you're resurfacing your bathroom, it’s important to leave it to your expert of choice as many off the shelf options have dangerous and lethal chemicals.


2) Watch your temperature:

Your hot water heater may have heat settings beyond boiling point, which can burn your skin fast and your children’s skin even more quickly. 

If you’re building, remodelling, or changing your hot water systems, the NKBA recommends installing an anti-scald valve for your bathroom fixtures. 

If you’re one of the many people who fill their bath a little bit too hot and wait for it to cool down, you should be cautious that the cooldown time will differ depending on the material of your bath.

Cast iron and steel baths will get hot and stay hotter for longer than acrylic baths so consider that before hopping in and hoping that it cools down.


3) Remove mould and mildew:

Mould, mildew and grout stains are commonplace in many bathrooms but they can pose a pretty serious risk. You might notice them surrounding your bathtub which may mean that your bathtub is cracked which can lead to further issues.

There are plenty of cleaning tips to remove mould and other stains from your bathroom and you can also consider a detailing service to make sure your bathroom is completely free of mould buildup and other unwanted appearances.


How to keep your bathroom safe:

If you’re looking for more bathroom tips, consider grabbing a copy of our free information package.

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