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The Dangers of DIY Bath Resurfacing Kits

Posted by BathroomWerx on 17 August 2020
The Dangers of DIY Bath Resurfacing Kits

Bathtub resurfacing or reglazing is the process of restoring the surface of a worn, old or damaged bath to enhance its appearance and repair any damage. The process is a cheaper alternative to replacing a bath in its entirety and is a safe, cost-effective renovation option when done professionally.

While bath resurfacing is a professional service, over the years some have chosen to use off-the-shelf DIY kits. These DIY bath resurfacing kits pose a great risk to homeowners as a result of hazardous and lethal chemicals - often a danger they're unaware of until it is too late.

One of the lethal chemicals is methylene chloride, which is an aggressive stripping agent that exists in high percentages within these DIY kits. A chlorinated solvent, methylene chloride is extremely volatile and presents with a sweet smelling odor and colourless liquid. The danger of this chemical is that often by the time you detect the smell, you've already been overexposed; this danger is heightened due to the fact humans become easily desensitised to the smell.

Most DIY kits require methylene chloride to be poured or sprayed into the tub and then brushed over the surface. Vapours from the chemical collect quickly at the bottom of the tub, creating a high concentration - even just a small amount of this high concentration can be deadly. Basic masks are not enough to protect you from the dispersion of these vapours.

When this chemical enters the human body, it affects brain function and at high levels can stop your breathing - your skin can also absorb the chemicals. It's particularly dangerous in bathrooms as they're often poorly ventilated and small in size; your regular bathroom fan or open windows do not provide adequate ventilation either. Professional refinishers know how to protect themselves against any chemicals required to complete the process, which is why it's so important to let professionals handle this process.

DIY kits are highly advised against - while you might save money, it can cost you your life.

What can you do instead?

Don't let this information scare you away from resurfacing your bathtub altogether. Refinishing your bathtub is not dangerous when done professionally and once the coating is cured. Upon completion, the results are 100% safe for you and your family.

With 30 years experience in the industry, the team at Bathroom Werx have extensive knowledge of safe practices and options to resurface your bathtub - saving you money and making your tub and bathrooms look brand new again. Our enamel is manufactured by us specifically for you, meaning it's Australian made and owned with a written guarantee of 7 years.

Replacing an entire bathtub is a costly renovation option, save money and time by having a professional from the Bathroom Werx team resurface your bathtub safely.

Whether your bath is damaged, outdated or just plain ugly, bathtub resurfacing is the cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution. If you're looking to resurface your bathtub, our team at various locations across Australia are ready to help you transform your bathroom. Contact us today at 1800 644 171 or on our contact page.



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