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How Much Damage Do Cracked Baths Cause?

Posted by BathroomWerx on 16 November 2020
How Much Damage Do Cracked Baths Cause?

Have you ever noticed small cracks in your bathtub? Perhaps they're only hairline in appearance, but what is happening underneath can be much, much worse than it looks.

A thin, small hairline crack is the early stages of a much bigger problem at hand. Over time, what once was a small crack will grow at an exponential rate. But the greater cause for concern is what could be happening behind the scenes.

If left unfixed, the real damage to the tub might not be all that noticeable straight away, but what lurks beneath can be really dangerous for you and anyone else who uses your bathroom.


So, what happens when you don't fix a damaged bathtub?

1. Surfaces become unstable

When a crack in the bath isn't fixed, it will grow steadily worse, which can cause the surface to eventually warp and weaken in different places. When this occurs, the surface becomes increasingly unstable, posing a danger to those who use it but particularly to the elderly and children.

2. Mould growth increases

Cracks in the bath are more of a concern than the displeasing aesthetics - you can almost guarantee that if you have a crack in your bath, that it's leaking water to the foundations below. Cushioning material is often placed underneath the bath, which is where water can pool through crack with leaks. When this material becomes wet, it becomes a breeding ground for mould at a rapid pace. If you start to notice a mildew like smell in the bathroom, this could be the potential cause.

3. Floors become water damaged

Leaving a crack in your bathtub for long enough will result in severe damage occurring to the flooring, under the bath and within the supporting material. As the water leaks through the crack, it can cause the bathroom foundations to begin to rot. Not only is this damaging to your bathtub, but in many areas of Australia, termites find their new homes in wet wood - it's one of their favorite places. But the problem doesn't stop there, timber floors are also at risk of rotting. Though a worst case scenario, serious injuries can occur from bathtubs falling through rotting floors. It goes without saying, a leaking tub is no laughing matter.

Not only are these scenarios dangerous for you and your home, they can also cost thousands of dollars to fix and leave a home uninhabitable for months on end.


How do you fix a cracked bathtub?

Simple - at the first sign of a cracked bathtub, call a professional bath repair service. By doing so, you can reduce the chances of any of the above issues arising in your bathroom. Many of these issues can also continue to evolve into even greater issues that can be extremely costly to fix. The sooner you take care of the crack, the less likely you are to incur a more serious, damaging and costly incident taking place in your home. At Bathroom Werx, we take bathroom repairs and bathroom safety seriously. Our team of specialists can repair these cracks in your bathtub so you can keep safe.

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