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Quick and Affordable Bathroom Makeovers

Written on the 8 June 2017

It's not so long ago that renovating your bathroom meant throwing out all the old fittings and starting all over again.

But now a totally new bathroom restoration process has changed all that forever.

Home owners now have a real alternative that saves you as much as 70% on a complete bathroom restoration. You save so much because you don't have to replace your old bath, hand-basin, shower base, wall tiles and other fittings. And there's no need to change fixtures and fittings or disconnect any of the plumbing. So you're not paying extra for carpenters, plumbers or tilers.

What Bathroom Werx does for you is restore, recondition and completely transform your existing fixtures - even your entire bathroom if you prefer.

It's all done '"on the spot", a no-mess re-enamelling process that makes your bathroom look and feel like "new" without costing you the earth.

It's particularly popular as an economical way of upgrading hotel and motel bathrooms. With a wide range of decorator colours to choose from, it also allows you to completely change your colour scheme as you restore everything.

In Bathroom Werx's hands, it's much more than just a re-coating job. They also repair chips, remove rust and polish away those ugly old water stains. What adds to the appeal of renovating like this is that it takes so little time. You are able to re-use your bathroom in 24 hours after the completion of the re-enamelling process!

All work is covered by a seven year written guarantee on materials and workmanship. That's better than you get when you buy new fixtures!

Nowadays, with the growing interest in preserving our heritage, Bathroom Werx is frequently called on to restore and recondition antique 'ball and claw' bathtubs with feet. Because some people like to blend the old and new, you can now choose from superb restoration pieces or exclusive brand new custom-made Australian cast iron bathtubs on feet.

Baths, basins, pedestals and accessories are coloured to match or compliment the tones in your bathroom.

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