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251 Bathtubs go Deluxe at Rydges Melbourne

Written on the 8 June 2017

The Rydges Melbourne Hotel has been slowly refurbishing their bathrooms which included painting and installing new shower screens. However, the bathtubs were a little tired looking and needed a solution. This is where Bathroom Werx's contribution came in.

Rydges decided to have their bathtubs re-enameled and opted for the deluxe Bathroom Werx service. Evan Rutherford, the Maintenance Manager at the Rydges Hotel in Melbourne, has been very happy with the bathtub re-enameling service offered by Bathroom Werx.

The Deluxe Re-enameling Service included:

  • Re-enameling their cast iron bathtubs.
  • Fitting new chrome waste covers over the old wastes.
  • Applying bath seal around the perimeters of the bath to prevent mould and mildew growing again.

"This service gives the guest bathrooms a fresh, new, modern look that is expected of a five star hotel such as Rydges. All this without disturbing the plumbing, breaking tiles and a minimal loss of occupancy for the Hotel saving them thousands of dollars as a result." says Bathroom Werx General Manager Angela Serdar.

Bathroom Werx have just completed 133 bathtubs which is stage one of the project.

Anti-Slip Finish

The new enamel coating on the bathtubs has an anti-slip feature in it which makes it a lot less slippery to use when it is wet.

New chrome waste covers

In addition to the new look surface Bathroom Werx supplied and fitted the chrome waste covers for the bathtubs. So the bathtubs had a complete make-over!

Time and cost savings!

Time and cost is one of Evan Rutherford's major challenges. The longer rooms are out of action, the more revenue the Hotel misses out on. Then add to that the cost of materials and labour.

On both counts Bathroom Werx had the thumbs up saving Rydges days and big dollars on each room. Multiply that by 251 rooms!

"An average refurbishment can take from 3-10 days to complete, but with the dedicated workmanship of the Bathroom Werx Team and our exclusive Werx Enamel we were able to complete a floor per week. This converted into savings of thousands of dollars for Rydges" says Angela Serdar.

"Re-enameling the bathtubs is considerably cheaper than replacing the bathtubs." says Evan Rutherwood. "And the anti-slip factor in the enamel makes it a lot safer for our guests when using the bathtubs, which gives us peace of mind and no more ugly bath mats or strips in the bathtubs which makes our Housekeepers a lot happier too!"

7 Years Guarantee

"It is also good to know that Bathroom Werx provides a seven year guarantee on their work. They are obviously confident about what they do as this is longer than the guarantee on a new bath" says Rutherford. 

Stage Two of the Rydges refurbishment has begun and will continue throughout 2004 as they work their way through all the bathrooms in the hotel.

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