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Should I Fix Cracks In My Bathtub?

Posted on 30 March 2021
Should I Fix Cracks In My Bathtub?

Ever noticed a small hairline crack in your bathtub? Maybe it's just on the surface, so you didn't think too much of it at the time.

However, in a few months, this small hairline crack will be a much bigger deal. Much of the real issue is hidden in places you can't see, silently causing expensive damage to other aspects of your bathroom.

Small cracks are always important to have fixed as soon as possible - and here's why.

1) Surfaces become unstable

When you leave a small crack in your bathroom unfixed, the issue continues to grow worse. What occurs then is the warping and weakening of the surface. The bathtub then becomes a slippery mess, making it quite dangerous for anyone who gets in and out of it.

It's a particularly dangerous scenario for young kids and elders who may already be unsteady.

To avoid the horrific outcomes of unsteady footing in a bathroom, such as falling onto hard tiles or the hard surfaces surrounding the bathtub, it's important to attentively repair any small cracks in a tub. What may seem small on the surface, rarely is a small probelm underneath.

2) Mould build-up

It's almost a certainty that if you've got a crack in your bath, you've also got moisture leaking into the foundations underneath it. In many baths, there's cushioning material underneath which acts as a barrier between your tub and the floor.

This then becomes a breeding ground for mould and it doesn't take long for it to become a danger to your health and the health of everyone who uses your bathroom.

Moisture and mildew also lures in many unwanted pests such as roaches, mites and millipedes. If you start noticing a mildew like smell lingering in your bathroom, especially if you also have cracks in your bathroom fixtures, it's important to act quickly and have these issues taken care of.

3) Water damaged floors 

When you leave cracks in the bathtub, the issue will only ever get worse - they're bound to cause more damage than you might think to the flooring under the bath and the supporting material.

Water will inevitably leak through the crack and into the floors beneath, slowly rotting away your bathroom foundations.

This is particularly dangerous if your home is made of timber. Not only do you run the risk of the floor falling through, you also run the risk of attracting termites if your supporting material is made of wood. Termites love wet timber and leaving a crack in your tub is almost like leaving an invitation for them to move on in.

Most importantly, wet foundations are extremely dangerous. You're looking at potentially thousands of dollars in repairs, serious injuries to anyone in the bath if the floor falls through and a home that can be potentially unlivable for a few months.

How to fix a crack in the bathtub:

As soon as you notice a crack in your tub, get in touch with your local Bathroom Werx.

The most affordable solution to cracks in your tub, as well as the quickest solution, is bathroom relining services. This involves no expensive re-tiling, re-plumbing and very little mess or disruption to your home.

Our re-enamelling specialists are available to resurface your bathtub all across Australia. Give us a call on 1800 644 171 or get us to call you and discuss your requirements.


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