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Bathroom renovation is a great way to increasing the value of your property, either you are a home owner or establishment investor. Size of the bathroom, matching colour scheme, pipeline involvement could become headaches if you work with the wrong bathroom renovation team. Understanding the hassle of customers, Bathroom Werx team offers our unique bath renovation techniques to transform your bathroom at an affordable price.

Our local Franchisee, Grant Edwards, is happy to come out and talk to about the many ways that Bathroom Werx can breathe NEW life into your bathroom without the hassle and expense of renovating.

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  1. All our work is guaranteed for 7 years in writing backed by 30 years EXPERIENCE.
  2. We Manufacture our own materials in Australia which have been specifically formulated for bathrooms.
  3. We eliminate bathroom mould and stained grout once and for all.
  4. Our Experienced and Qualified Bathroom Werx Technicians arrive on-time and finish on-time and will do great quality work for you.
  5. Great range of colours to choose from to suit your decorator scheme.
  6. It's faster and cheaper than a full bathroom renovation with minimum inconvenience to your daily routine.
  7. You can start using your bathroom again 24 hours after completion of the work.
  8. It's hassle free as Bathroom Werx does all the work.
  9. No re-plumbing, no re-tiling and NO MESS!

Bathroom Werx Gold Coast Franchise Owner: Grant Edwards

Bathroom Resurfacing Gold Coast Specialist - Grant Edwards

Call NOW on 1800-644-171