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The Werx Bathroom Enamel: Features

Bathroom Werx has formulated the unique Werx Enamel specifically for Bathroom Resurfacing. You can be sure you're getting a world class product as the Werx Enamel exceeds the following Australian Standards tests:

1.   Adhesion (cross cut)
  tests for individual molecular adhesion.
AS/NZS 1580 Method 408.4
2.   Adhesion (pull off)
  tests for strength of the adhesion.
AS/NZS 1580.408.5:1994
3.   Impact Resistance
  tests for the chip resistance of the new enamel.
AS 1580 Method 406.1
4.   Alkali and Acid Resistance
  tests the different personal cleaning products that are used day to day as well as the broad range of products
  that are used to clean bathroom surfaces.
ASTM D1308-02
5.   Hot Water Resistance
  testing in constant boiling water to ensure the enamel does not crack or peel.
AS 1580 method 456.1
6.   Abrasive Resistance
  test whether the new enamel is hard enough to resist harsh cleaning.
AS 1580 Method 403.2

Month after month, year after year, the Bathroom Werx Enamel continues to stand up to the test of time. After 30 years of experience we've found nothing that will beat it!

Because it can expand and contract, the Werx Enamel is :

  • chip resistant
  • chemical resistant
  • heat resistant
  • abrasive resistant
  • mould and mildew resistant.

There are no harsh chemicals used during the Werx Enamelling process and no dangerous fumes to worry about.

Our Technicians follow strict Occupational Health and Safety procedures to ensure a safe environment for you and your family.

That is why we can guarantee your new enamelled bathroom surfaces in writing for SEVEN YEARS!

The Werx Enamel can be used to transform virtually any bathroom surface including cast iron, pressed steel, fibreglass, polymarble, ceramic tiles, lami-panelling, porcelain, laminex, vitreous enamel, concrete, plastic, acrylic, marble, granite, masonite, pebble mix, terrazo and just about anything else you will find in a bathroom.

Co-ordinating colours is easy as we can always make a special colour for you or you can take advantage of our colour matching service to match to your existing bathroom fittings.

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