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Smart Landlords are catching onto Bathroom Werx

Written on the 8 June 2017

One of Australia's most innovative bathroom renovations groups has landlords queuing to get their shower recesses restored with an affordable long-life process that makes old showers new again.

We asked one landlord who has four older houses why he thought Bathroom Werx's re-enamelling process was catching on.

It's economical

I can re-enamel the bathroom without kicking out my tennants because it's such a quick, no mess process.

It's really affordable

Coming in at less than half of the price tag for a full bathroom renovation.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is a big issue as a landlord, and the Werx Enamel is so tough I wont have to think about bathroom problems for another 20 years!

7 Year Quality Quarantee

I love the 7 Year written guarantee, because that tells me the job is done right the first time.

Range of Colour Options

Creatively my wife likes to be involved with keeping our properties modern, and she loved the range of color options Bathroom Werx gave us to choose from.

No Need to 'Gut and Replace'

One reason it's so economical is that there are no structural changes involved.

You choose the decorator colour you want, Bathroom Werx's specialist Technicians do the rest in a matter of hours, ready for you and your family to enjoy again in just 24 hours.

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