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New Bathrooms for Defence Forces Housing!

Written on the 8 June 2017

When the bathrooms at the Defence Housing Authority's residential properties needed refurbishment the task of ripping the out and replacing them looked too daunting, time consuming and expensive! The bathrooms at the Sydney suburbs of Wattle Grove and Bligh Park were in reasonably good condition structurally, however they were dated and run down.

The Defence Housing Authority spoke to Bathroom Werx Area Manager, David Eales, about possible solutions for their bathrooms. After learning about the extensive services that Bathroom Werx offers, the Defence Housing Authority decided that Bathroom Werx's commercial makeover Reenamelling service was the answer.

This process was a viable alternative to replacing all the fixtures and fittings in the bathrooms. Bathroom Werx has saved us a lot of time and money." says Gulliver Coote (Technical Officer at DHA's Liverpool office).

Bathroom Werx have been servicing DHA properties in Wattlegrove and Bligh Park and the DHA are very impressed with the results and the service.

"The bathrooms look fantastic and Bathroom Werx's service has been exceptional. To add to this the 7 year Guarantee provides us with peace of mind" says Gulliver Coote.

Bathtub and Basin Re-enamelling

Part of the renovations to DHA properties involved re-enamelling the bathtubs and basins. This process included:

  • Removing rust
  • Repairing chips and surface imperfection
  • Preparing the surface
  • Applying the Werx Enamel to the bathtubs and basins

Shower Recess Re-enamelling

The shower recesses at the properties were mouldy and discoloured. But thanks to Bathroom Werx's unique shower base re- enamelling process they were restored back to new with no re-plumbing, no re-tilling and no mess. This service included:

  • Repairing chips and other surface imperfections
  • Regrouting
  • Preparing the surface
  • Applying the Werx Enamel to the shower base and wall tiles

As an added bonus the new surface is mould and mildew resistant which will make cleaning a breeze!

Wall Tile Re-enamelling

Bathroom Werx also Reenamelled the wall tiles at the DHA properties. The colours of the tiles were outdated and looking dull. So Bathroom Werx reenamelled the wall tiles in a modern colour scheme and now they look brand new. All this without even lifting a single tile. Re-enamelling the wall tiles included:

  • Removing mould and mildew
  • Repairing chips and cracks
  • Degreasing and cleaning tiles
  • Re-grouting
  • Removing silicon
  • Applying the Werx Enamel coating to the wall tiles

New Chrome Waste Covers

In addition to the new look surface Bathroom Werx supplied and fitted new chrome waste covers to the drains in each of  the baths. This finished the job nicely and made the whole bathtub look like new again.

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