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Gen Y's join Bathroom Werx

Written on the 29 April 2011

At the young age of 23years, Berhan Doumitt is very excited about his future. He has made a big decision for himself and bought a Bathroom Werx Franchise. This makes him the youngest Bathroom Werx Franchisee in their 26 year history. 

He has been working for the last 4 years as a plasterer. His elder brother made the initial enquiry and felt it was a perfect franchise business for his little brother to get involved with as It provided an ideal situation for a young person to start out in business and have the support and backup from a long established brand.

For Berhan this was one of the main deciding factors for buying a Bathroom Werx Franchise.

Working as a plasterer has given Berhan experience in working in homes and dealing with customers on a day to day basis. He also managed a team of young apprentices whilst working in the plastering trade and understood the benefits of growing your business this way.

He found the services Bathroom Werx provided was something he could easily see himself doing and enjoying. He was ready to take the plunge and do something for himself and the Bathroom Werx Franchise provided him with the opportunity to get into business for himself but not by himself!

Clichéd as it sounds, the intensive support structure that Bathroom Werx provides gave Berhan the confidence he needed to know that he has support at every level and this would help him to become successful very quickly.

With a meticulous work ethic and a steely determination, Berhan has what it takes to grow into a multi-van operation and enjoy enormous success!

Future Werx The Y Generation Apprentices!

Bathroom Werx is attracting the Y-Generation with its unique Apprenticeship training program.

They currently have 6 apprentices training at the moment and are looking to take on another 6 apprentices throughout 2008.

"Our Franchisees are seeing the benefits of our Apprenticeship training program and the long term benefits that it brings to their businesses" says Bathroom Werx CEO George Yammouni.

"We became a Registered Training Organisation in 2002 and put together a trade equivalent qualification that suited our business and trade so that we could attract young people and be able to offer them a Nationally recognised qualification that they would value."

"We have also developed a career path for them in our organisation with the potential to eventually own their own business".

Bathroom Werx services involve the restoration and reconditioning of bathroom sanitary ware items. The work involves understanding all the different substrates and surfaces that are used in bathrooms, their repair and restoration; the preparation and application of unique surface coatings; removal and replacement of various plumbing fixtures and fittings; showers screens; wall and floor tiling; and much more.

The apprenticeship takes three years to complete. The successful completion awards them a Certificate 3 qualification this is the equivalent of a trade qualification earned by a plumber or carpenter, etc., and is a nationally recognised qualification.

For more than 25 years Bathroom Werx has trained and mentored people to be highly skilled bathroom reconditioning specialists whose services are in great demand. They have a network of Franchisees across Australia and are involved in about 100 bathroom renovations every week.

If you would like to know more about getting into business for yourself with a Bathroom Werx Franchise, call 1800-644 171, or fill out an enquiry here  and we will send you more information.


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