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Dont replace your old bathtub Bathroom Werx can RENEW IT

Written on the 22 December 2015

Bathroom Werx is currently making history all over this country, turning old bath's into "new" with a no-mess, on-the-spot process that leaves your bath ready to use and enjoy again in just 24 hours.

What home owners appreciate is that it doesn't cost you the earth like a traditional 'rip out and replace' renovation.

The biggest saving is that you don't have to replace your old bath. In a matter of only 6 hours, Bathroom Werx specially trained technicians bring it back to the "original condition" and cover all their work as well as materials with a 7 Year written guarantee.

Bathroom Werx's unique re-enamelling system first removes dirt, rust, chips and water marks from your old bath. Then it is re-enamelled in the decorator colour of your choice and heat sealed to keep its long-lasting good looks for a lifetime.

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