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Written on the 14 July 2013

Are you sick of looking at the stains, cracks, rust, fading colours and dull surfaces in your bathroom?

But the worst part is that it seems that your bathroom will continue to look like this for years.

Well stop worrying Bathroom Werx - the Bathroom Makeover people - can come to your aid. Instead of spending a fortune on a major bathroom renovation, the Bathroom Werx group can save you thousands of dollars on a restoration process that will magically transform your bathroom.

All those nasty little quirks will be quickly repaired and everything will come up looking like new, so there will be no need to get rid of any bathroom fittings or fixtures that could leave your bank account gasping for air. Bathroom Werx has fully-trained specialist tradesmen who will come into your home and do a no-mess, on-the-spot job. They'll repair damaged and cracked tiles, grout, chipped surfaces and will remove any rust and ugly water stains. And then, at your request, they'll apply the unique Werx Enamel to your entire bathroom surfaces in the decorator colors of your choice.

The Werx Enamel is exclusively manufactured by Bathroom Werx and has been specially formulated for bathroom surfaces such as bathtubs, wall tiles, floors, basins, vanities, and shower areas. All you need to do is provide swatches of your preferred colours and the Werx Enamel will be mixed to your specifications. The average bathroom makeover is done in around 48 hours depending on the size of your bathroom and can be used again 24 hours after completion!

That means you are not without a bathroom for weeks while you wait for other Tradesmen to turn up and do the work!

And to give you peace of mind, BathroomWerx offers a 7 Year written guarantee which is supported by over twenty-five years of experience in this business. Bathroom Werx has been upgrading bathrooms for the last twenty-six years not just in homes but also in top international hotels.

For more information call Bathroom Werx on 1800 644 171 and request your FREE Information Package which shows you how you can save thousands of dollars on your bathroom renovation.

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