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Best Western el Toro gets a new lease on life!

Written on the 5 June 2011

"I am thoroughly satisfied with all my dealings with your company and would recommended you to anyone else!" - Frank M, Maroubra, Sydney.

When the Icon Hospitality Group purchased the Best Western El Toro Motor Inn (Warrick Farm, Sydney) one of the first priorities they set for Manager Paula Matthews was the refurbishment of its 51 rooms.

Paula has managed the El Toro for 10 years, but this was the first time she had been given a budget to refurbish rooms which are nearly 30 years old.

"The bathrooms really needed attention" says Paula. "Most of them have had only basic maintenance over the years and with the wear and tear they were looking really tired."

Typical of older style bathrooms, most had grout that was in poor condition from years of being cleaned and re- grouted as well as the assortment of cracked and broken tiles that come with bathrooms that see lots of use.

Wall Tiles & Shower Base Re-enamelling

Over a period of 6 weeks, Bathroom Werx applied their unique Werx Enamel coating to the wall tiles and shower bases in 26 rooms, completing on average 3-4 rooms per week.

"Being a hotel, it is vital that our rooms are out of action for the smallest time possible. There was very little downtime for the rooms and as far as bathrooms go, there is no way I could have got the same result in that timeframe by renovating the traditional way nor for the same budget", says Paula. 

"We didn't want to spend thousands of dollars ripping out the bathrooms and replacing them with new fixtures and fittings. Bathroom Werx provided us with an excellent alternative. Most of the bathrooms were completed in 1-2 days which meant that the rooms could be rented out again with minimal disruption to bookings."

Stripping Peeling Paint

An extra challenge to the Bathroom Werx team was the 6 shower stalls that had been coated with a do-it-yourself tile paint. This paint was badly peeling and needed to be stripped before Bathroom Werx could start their work.

Re-grouting Tiles

As part of the re-enamelling process Bathroom Werx re- grouted all deteriorated and discoloured grout, repaired all damaged tiles and in some rooms, even stripped peeling paint.

7 Year Written Guarantee

Operating in Australia since 1986, Bathroom Werx offers a 7 year written guarantee on all re-enamelling work.

"The 7 year written guarantee gives us peace of mind" , said Paula.

Replacing Grotty Silicon

Bathroom Werx also removed the mouldy silicon in the showers and resurfaced it with clean, neat professionally applied sanitary silicon.

"Any hotel manager knows what a pain it can be to completely remove old silicon and replace it but Bathroom Werx made it look easy" says Paula.

Mould & Mildew Resistant

An added benefit for the El Toro is that the newly re- enameled surfaces in the shower stalls will be much easier to clean. This is because there is an anti mould and mildew factor built in to the new Werx enamel.

"This will make cleaning our bathrooms a breeze for our house keepers", says Paula.

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