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A Champagne Bathroom on a beer budget

Written on the 22 December 2015

Saving time and money with a Bathroom Werx MAKEOVER

There's nothing more relaxing than a pristine bath but the cost and inconvenience of having a new one fitted can be a hefty price to pay.

For over 20 years, Australian bathroom restoration company Bathroom Werx has been re-enamelling bathroom surfaces for thousands of homeowners, making ageing bathrooms look and feel like new again at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Bathroom Werx Director George Yammouni said some of the world's most recognised hotel chains, including the Marriott, Hilton, Holiday Inn and Sheraton have been taking advantage of Bathroom Werx's unique enameling process, but it is also a very attractive option for home owners

"Hotels revamp their bathrooms on average every seven of years to keep them looking clean and fresh. It is also an affordable option for the average homeowner too. With bathrooms becoming a major deciding factor for property hunters, this small investment can result in large dividends for the homeowner," Yammouni said.

Ranging from chip repairs to scratch and stain removals, Bathroom Werx offers a wide scope of services as an option to expensive bathroom renovation.

"There's no shortage of homeowners who want to change the look of their old bathroom. Most don't not want to spend what it costs to rip everything out and rebuild from scratch, which could be upwards of $15,000 and take weeks to complete. In comparison, a Bathroom Werx makeover will generally be way under a third of that and is done muck quicker - on average only 2 or 3 days.

"Instead of ripping out old tubs, sinks, shower bases and tiles, a Bathroom Werx makeover is a great solution and gives you the opportunity to change the colours to any decorator colour you like," Yammouni said.

Apart from the time and cost benefits, Yammouni cites safety as one of Bathroom Werx's most important benefits. In statistics released by the Queensland Injury Surveillance Unit, 47% of injuries sustained in the bathroom were attributed to falls.

"Wet and slippery floors mean bathrooms are prime locations for accidents around the house. Bathroom Werx has a variety of anti slip surfaces that can be applied when re-enameling and the enamel itself also contains an anti slip factor. With the Bathroom Werx anti-slip application, there is an 800% increase in 'grip' - greatly reducing the likelihood of accidents in the bathroom," Yammouni said.

According to Yammouni, renovators curious about the lifespan of their newly enameled bathroom will enjoy a seven year written guarantee on Bathroom Werx's re-enamelling services.

"The key to a quality job is our high level of workmanship, and our dedication to constant training, research and development in order to continuously improve our product and services" said Yammouni.

Bathroom Werx is a bathroom restoration company with franchisees nationwide. Their unique re-enameling process works on all types of baths, basins, showers, tiles, vanities and surfaces including fibreglass, porcelain, concrete, acrylic, ceramic tiles, pressed steel, terrazo and polymarble.

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