Breathe NEW life into your Bathroom!

Bathroom Werx services all areas of Melbourne. 

Give us a call today. Our qualified staff will be able to price a job for over the phone.

Or for larger jobs, our local Melbourne Customer Service Field Technician Cameron Jeffery can come and talk to you about the many ways that Bathroom Werx can breathe NEW life into your bathroom and save you money, time and hassle. No mess no, fuss - just a beautiful NEW bathroom at a fraction of the cost of replacing!


All our work is guaranteed for 7 years in writing and backed by 30 years EXPERIENCE.

We Manufacture our own materials in Australia which have been specifically formulated for bathrooms.

We eliminate bathroom mould and stained grout once and for all.

Our Experienced and Qualified Bathroom Werx Technicians arrive on-time and finish on-time, and will do great quality work for you.

Great range of colours to choose from to suit your decorator scheme.

It's faster and cheaper than a full bathroom renovation with minimum inconvenience to your daily routine.

You can start using your bathroom again 24 hours after completion of the work.

It's hassle free as Bathroom Werx does all the work.

No re-plumbing, no re-tiling and NO MESS!


Meet our Melbourne Technicians:




Melbourne East 

Dennis Huang

Being one of our most experienced franchisee's Dennis joined Bathroom Werx in 1996 and performs consistently high quality work for his customers.
A perfectionist in his work, his goal was to work his business to get his daughter through medical school which he has now successfully done!

Dennis is renowned for producing the highest quality work and unique colour matching skills which customers continually praise him for!


Melbourne North East

Lou Schillacci

Another of our most experienced Lou Schillacci has an accounting background but really loved hands on work. Lou has been with Bathroom Werx since August 1999 and still remain

s a proud owner of his own franchise.

Lou consistently produces great quality work for his customers, well known for his great repair capabilities, we are always getting great feedback from Lou's customers.


Lou Schillacci Bathroom Werx


Melbourne - Outer Eastern Region

Arnold Giffening

Melbourne outer-region bathroom resurfacing technician

Arnold joined Bathroom Werx as a Franchisee in 2012. He quickly picked up the skills required to become a great Technician and is continually praised by his Customers for his good quality work and customer service. 

Arnold is also a passionate Basketball supporter and started coaching when he was only 15years. He has progressed through the ranks where he now coaches at the highest level in amateur basketball competition in Australia.



Melbourne Western Region

Larry Loton


Having worked on some of Melbourne largest container ships and vessels as a boiler maker, Larry Loton brings a wealth of experience to his Bathroom Werx business.

He joined Bathroom Werx in 2012 and is one of our best Technicians. 


Cameron Jeffrey

Cameron has been with Bathroom Werx  for over 15 years.  
When it comes to quoting bathroom makeovers Cameron is the guru.  He has been in over 10,000 bathroom over the last 15 years and has seen it all.

When it comes to some great money saving ideas on Bathroom Makeovers, Cameron will help you achieve your goals.  




Gary Edwards

Gary has been with Bathroom Werx since 1992. He has grown with the company and has been a great contributor to our continued success.

He currently holds the position of National Training Manager and is loved by all!  

Along the road Gary has just about trained every Technician that has been through the place. There is not much about Bathroom Makeovers that Gary hasn't seen or doesn't know.

Faysol Wehbe

He started with Bathroom Werx in 1989 and is the expert in restoring antique cast iron bathtubs on feet back to NEW again.

Having worked on Ball&Claw baths for over 28 years, he has become Australia's leading expert on antique bathtub restoration having restored over 3,500 old bathtubs in his time.
There is not much you can ask Sol about antique cast iron bathtubs on feet that he doesn't know about!                                                                                                 


Faysol Wehbe




Jason Gorner

Jason came to us in early 2016 with an impressive spray painting backround. 

He is a valueable new member of our team.


Darren Barker

Darren may be our newest addition to the Bathroom Werx family, however he brings some serious painting skills into our organisation.

Stay tuned for his photo...