Bathtub Resurfacing

Is the surface of your old bathtub damaged, worn or chipped due to wear and tear? Then our bathtub resurfacing service is for you!

Resurfacing your bathroom will restore the surface to look like NEW again. When we resurface your bathroom we:

  • Remove any rust
  • Repair any chips
  • Repair and restore surface imperfections
  • Prepare the surface using our own exclusive materials
  • We resurface your bath by applying the WERX ENAMEL using the unique Bathroom Werx Re-enamelling system in the colour of your choice.

Bathroom Werx technology means that your bath can be resurfaced on the spot in just 5 hours with no expensive re-tiling or re-plumbing and no mess!

Bathroom Werx will completely resurface your bath with our commercial strength Werx Enamel designed specifically for the heavy use and punishment a bathtub is subjected to.

You can relax knowing that Bathroom Werx guarantees their work for 7 YEARS in writing!!!

Before Bathtub Resurfacing After Bathtub Resurfacing
Before Bathtub Resurfacing After Bathtub Resurfacing