The Bathroom Werx Team

Head Office - Area Manager

Michaela Loveridge

Michaela joined the Bathroom Werx family in March 2015. She brings a wide range of experience in customer service and finance and is helpful in nature and solution focused. There is no bathroom c...

Melbourne - Outer Eastern Region

Arnold Giffening

When Arnold was growing up, he thought that he would follow in his Father’s footsteps and become a Motor Mechanic.  So at age 15years, Arnold started his Motor Mechanic Apprenticeship at...

Melbourne - Western Region

Larry Loton

Having worked on some of Melbourne largest container ships and vessels, Larry Loton brings a wealth of experience to his new Bathroom Werx business.
“This is the sort of business that I hav...

Bathroom Werx CEO

George Yammouni

George founded the Company in 1986. He is a CPA by profession and has worked the development and expansion of the Company since its beginning.
He has a passion for sales and marketing...

Head Office - Paint Chemist

Ivor Craine

Ivor has many years of experience in industrial chemicals and paints. Ivor is responsible for making our unique Werx Enamel and ensuring that we keep up with the latest developments in the paint i...

Head Office - National Operations Manager

John Yammouni

John has been with the company since 1987. He has worked in every facet of the company and now is the research specialist working alongside our in house paint chemist  Ivor Craine. Renown as...

Head Office - Finance Manager

Maree Marchant

Maree Marchant joined Bathroom Werx in March 2011. She is responsible for all the finance functions in the business. In her spare time she loves Basketball and is an accredited scorer an...

Head Office - General Manager

Angela Serdar

Angela has been with Bathroom Werx  since 1991. Beginning in the role of customer service she has grown with the company both in maturity and professionalism. She now manages the head office C...

Adelaide - Business Development Manager

Wayne Moschetti

Wayne is the Business Development Manager in Adelaide and joined  Bathroom Werx in March 2011. Wayne has come from a background in general management and sales. He is...


James Manning

James began work with Bathroom Werx in Adelaide in August 1993 as a young 19 year old.
Four years later he was offered a partnership in the business. And so began James's journey with Bathroom Wer...


Mitchell Ryan

Mitchell began his Bathroom Werx Apprenticeship in June 2006 and has since then completed his Certificate 3 trade qualification in Bathroom Werx Coatings.  Mitchell is one of our mo...


Kelvin Hwang

Kelvin began his working life as a police officer in the Militiary in Korea. He went on to study at university and completed a chemistry degree and then went on to do a variety jobs from sales to p...


Ken Tembo

Ken joined the Bathroom Werx Franchise in 2007. He has come a from a hospitality background and made a lifestyle choice of owning his own business which he is absolutely loving.

Kens plans...


Faysol Wehbe

Better known as Sol, he is the guru who can literally fix anything. He started with Bathroom Werx in 1989 and is the specialist in restoring antique cart iron bathtubs on feet back to NEW again.



Gary Edwards

Gary has been with Bathroom Werx since 1992. He has grown with the company and has been a great contributor to our continued success. He currently holds the position of National Training...
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